Product Production Tips

The US economy is filled with a wide variety of different products.  Each product will have a set of different tools, steps and procedures that they must follow in order to take a raw product and produce it in a sellable form.  Listed below are some of the more common tools used to produce products we use on a daily basis.

Drum Fillers

The large metal drums that you see filled with oil, paint, and other liquid compounds use a specific machine to accomplish this.  A drum filling machine will take an empty drum and move it down a specified assembly line where it will be filled, sealed, labeled and packaged for shipping.

Vacuum sealing

The process of vacuum sealing is where a thin plastic is placed over the object or product.  Then using a vacuum former, the air between the plastic film and the product is removed.  The plastic will then form loosely around the object creating a seal. 

Custom packaging

Custom packaging is a great way to protect a product.  Most typical packaging will resemble a box and be made out of cardboard.  A custom package can be made out of a wide assortment of materials and made to resemble something unique.  Many people in the toy industry will use custom packaging to entice children to purchase their toys. 

drum filling machine

Some different forms of custom packaging involve unique shapes, silver printing, collectors’ boxes and more.  When working with custom packaging you can really drive up the interest of a product and even make it a collectible.

When it comes to packaging there are a lot of different options you can have.  The simple metal drum to one-of-a-kind packages will all be used to offer products to the general consumer.  The main goal you should have when it comes to filling and protecting products is to make it as easy and cost effective as possible.